BIG COMETS – January 2020

Wow! We cannot believe January is over!

During January, the Big Comets have been exploring the topic “Winter Wonderland” as the children have shown lots of interest and have been commenting a lot about the weather changes. We have also welcomed back Jo Jingles classes! Lots of music, singing, dancing and instruments every Monday!

We have explored lots of sensory activities, from rescuing letters and animals from ice, shaving foam winter wonderland tray with little people, snowy trees and glittery lights and we have even been on the North Pole fishing for fish for the hungry Polar Bears.

We have done lots of painting, sticking and cutting to help us with our physical development. Polar bears, penguins, artic foxes, mittens, hats, scarves, snowman building and snowflakes were some of the many crafts that we have been busy making.

When outside, we have noticed that the rain water turns into ice and some of our toys were trapped in it! We had to think of how to rescue them so we could play with them. It was very interesting finding tools to break the ice and some of us even wanted to add more water to it to try to melt it!

For our topic we have also done lots of baking this month to explore quantities, counting, adding, sharing and taking turns. Of course we really enjoyed eating the biscuits too.
On the 25th of January was the Chinese New Year! During the month we have been celebrating and learning about the Chinese culture by turning our role play into a Chinese Restaurant with real chopsticks. We have also made lots of crafts including the very important red envelop with money, to bring us luck, and the Koi fish which symbolises good fortune and good luck too. We have explored a mark making sensory tray with red sand and the Chinese calendar animals. We have made a fabulous dragon from junk modelling, lots of crafty rats because it’s the year of the Rat and we finalised our celebrations on Friday 24th January by having a yummy sweet and sour chicken with rice for lunch and a Chinese buffet party for tea! All thanks to our amazing chef, Tracy.

At the beginning of the month we asked our families to write down their child’s interests during the Christmas break and we are very excited to go into our new topic in February!
We would love to say a huge well done to William and Jessica for being the stars of the month and Bobby for being the friend of the month!

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