BIG COMETS – October 2019

This month has been a busy time exploring our new topic of Maths and Science, so we have been partaking in lots of exciting experiments. It has also been a time of lots of parties and celebrations!
In Big Comets, we celebrated Grandparents Day by making lovely cards to send home to our loved ones. During this week of celebration, some grandparents came to nursery for a stay and play with their grandchildren, before being awarded with a certificate and peppermint sweet that the children had made. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and joined in!

We continued the celebrations by going on a trip to Pennant House to visit the elderly people. After a short walk to the house, we spent our time colouring with them before singing some of our favourite nursery rhymes before we walked back to nursery. It was so much fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

As our topic for the month has been Maths and Science, we have taken part in lots of experiments and expanding our maths knowledge. We have played with a magnetic tuff tray, using magnets to pick up paperclips that were hidden under rice. Furthermore, we continued to explore how magnets work as we put magnetic objects into water bottles before using magnets again; it was fascinating to watch how the magnets move through the water.

In addition to those activities, we also made puffy paint to create Autumn leaves. We did this by adding flour to the paint before putting our work into the microwave for it to become puffy! We really enjoyed making magic milk too; using food colouring and soap on the milk and watching the colours spread and change.

During this month, we have also had lots of fun having play-dates with peers from other rooms out in the garden areas. We have really enjoyed the new garden area; playing with different toys and making new friends.

There have been lots of celebrations this month including Diwali, so we have been decorating our own Diwali candles as well as glittery mandalas! We have also shared lots of birthdays this month so have indulged in cake and lots of dancing!

As we approach Halloween, we have started some crafts and have started our pumpkin carving competition throughout the nursery and are excited to see the results! In Big Comets we have been busy with craft; we have painted with carrots, printed with leaves as well as making paper plate pumpkins.

We would like to say a big well done to Ali, Felicity and Sebby who were all awarded with our Star of the Week Award for amazing behaviour. Another big well done to William and Isla who have been our Friends of the Week for following our golden rules and being kind to everyone around them. Congratulations to everyone who managed to collect 10 stamps on their stamp charts and got to go to the office for a prize.

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