This month our topic in Little Comets has been around the world. We have done a lot of activities to explore different parts of the world. We split up our activities into the continents, so we could learn a little bit more!

For Africa we made some African necklaces, we did this by cutting the middle out of paper plates and then decorating them with paint and feathers. We also made our very own mini Tiki Huts by decorating some paper with smaller different coloured pieces of paper, before sticking on a roof. We also made some clay African themed pots. We moulded and shaped the clay to make our pots and then once they were dry and had hardened, we painted them.

Then for South America we made some beautiful carnival masks. The adults in our room cut out the shape of the mask from a paper plate, we then decorated them with feathers and brightly coloured paint. We also made parrots using our footprint and handprints. First our footprint was the parrots body and then our handprints were the wings. We also created a colourful city skyline. We each had a city skyline outline and then with very watered down paint we dripped it from the top of the paper and watched it run.

Then for Europe we learnt some words and songs from two different languages from two members of staff that work in different rooms in the nursery. We first learnt Portuguese and then we learnt a bit of Spanish. We also have made paper plate pizzas using red paint to be the tomato sauce and then we stuck on yellow paper to be the cheese. We also made our own real pizzas! We each had our own pizza base which we helped spread on the tomato pizza base, sprinkle cheese and put the toppings on which were pepperoni, pineapple, peppers and mushroom.

Then for Asia we made some Mandalas. One of our adults drew a simple pattern onto a paper plate before we then painted it with different colours. We also made some henna handprints. We had our hands drawn round before we then decorated our handprint outline with different colours. We made some Chinese dragons, which we made by sticking blue and red onto a dragon.

Then in North America we made native handprints, we had our hand painted brown and then our fingers painted green, red, blue and yellow. We also made some native American headbands, using feathers and we made cowboy hats using brown paint and paper plates.

Then for Australia we made some koala masks. We made these by using cotton wool stuck on paper plates which we then painted grey and black, we also made some boomerangs using paper plates cut in half and then painted brown. To make a pattern onto our boomerang we stuck on tape which we then pulled off to make lines on the boomerang.

Last of all for Antarctica we made some penguins. We made these by having our foot painted black and white. Then once it was dry we stuck on an orange triangle for its nose and then we drew on two eyes.

To celebrate our around the world topic we invited all our parents and friends to an afternoon tea party where we got to taste different foods from around the world. We also got to do some activities to do with our parents. Our next topic will be ‘people who help us’.

Also in Little Comets we have had some children graduate into Big Comet!. Good luck to Maisie, Felicity, Emily, Benjamin, William and Henry – we hope you have loads of fun in your new room. Our room supervisor has graduated too, she has completed her BA Hon degree in Early Childhood Studies – well done Ellena!

We can’t wait to start our new topic and learn about people who help us.

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