This month in Little comets our topic has been animals. We have enjoyed exploring different textures, we did this by making sheep by using paper plates, glue, cotton wool and black paper. We have also been creating different marks using different coloured paint and toy animals. We have been using our handprints to make different animals too. We made spiders by putting two of our handprints together to create the spider and we also made fish in little paper plate fish bowls using our handprint to be the fish.

We have also done some other different activities to do with animals. We learnt some sign along signs for farm animals to go with the song, ‘old macdonald had a farm’. We also did some counting using the different coloured worms. We played an animal version of the ‘Kym’s Game’ – an adult first put different animals in front of us, we then closed our eyes and they hid one of the animals and we had to guess which animal was missing.

We enjoyed exploring different textures in messy play such as jelly and also a mixture of shaving foam, conditioner and hair gel! We had loads of fun making different marks and trying to mix, scoop and pour the messy play. It was so much fun!

We have also enjoyed exploring different musical instruments, we have been creating different noises by shaking, tapping or banging them either softly or loudly to make the different sounds. We have loved dancing to different action songs and copying some of the actions. We have done a bit of baking and made some rainbow cakes, we all took it in turns to put the ingredients in a bowl and to mix them together. We then put the mixture into four separate bowls before adding different colours to each, we added purple, green, red and orange. When the cakes were baked we were able to try them, they were delicious!

We celebrated some festivals and celebrations this month. We participated in ‘Storytelling Week’ by reading different stories and for Valentine’s Day we did a variety of crafts. We first made a card for our families by creating a heart out of our feet. We also made a flower bouquet craft using our handprints and then adding a little heart using our fingerprints in the middle of the handprints. We did some baking too – we made some cereal cakes using Cheerio’s, white chocolate and sprinkles!

In Little Comets room this month we have also had a move around the room, we now have a lovely arts and crafts area with a lovely table with new chalk boards, chalk and crayons. We have also sorted out the home corner and the different trays of toys, it looks very nice.

We can’t wait to see what we get up to next month.

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