LITTLE COMETS – January 2020

This month in Little Comets we have been looking at transport. For this we have been doing loads of different craft activities to make different kinds of transport. We first looked at trains for which we did a train collage. We each had a carriage for the train to decorate with different coloured tissue paper, then we put them all together on our display board.

We next looked at rockets and hot air balloons. For the rockets, we had an outline of a rocket and we made the fire for the rocket using our hand print. For the hot air balloon, we each had a paper plate, which we decorated using our fingers and different coloured paints.

Lastly we looked at cars. For this we did several different messy activities. First we did some painting using cars, we dipped the wheels of our toy cars into paint and then pushed and pulled them over a piece of paper to make different marks. We then did a messy play which we called a ‘car wash’. We put some toy cars in a messy tray and covered them in shaving foam. We then used different tissues and water to try and clean the cars, we had loads of fun exploring the shaving foam afterwards as well!

This month we have also celebrated Chinese New Year where we did symmetrical paintings. We first painted half a piece of paper and mixed the colours in. We then folded the paper in half and rubbed the back of it to make sure the paint transferred onto the other side. They looked really good! We also made some mini fans using a small piece of orange paper and some red paint, which was also loads of fun.

In Little Comets this month we have done lots of activities to do with colours, numbers and flash cards to help support our speech. We have done this with a range of activities, from putting the right coloured worm in the same coloured bowl, going to find different coloured objects around the room, counting different objects such as animals and cars, and doing different flash cards of different objects, and we even looked at some letters!

We can’t wait to see what we are going to do next month!

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