In Rockets the children are starting to become increasingly independent. Our Rockets area is situated in the front of the nursery, taking up three rooms and opening out into the garden area. We enable the children to select and explore activities which are of interest to them and choose whether they want to play inside or out. Our Rockets children are given positions of responsibility within their daily routine, this gives the children a sense of pride, knowing they have been trusted to fulfil a role boosts their self-esteem and their willingness to ‘have a go’ at new skills. The children have such a fun time in Rockets, improving social skills and building friendships which can carry on into their school years.


The children are encouraged to find out about sounds and letters they can spend time in the Sonic Phonic room working with computers, games and word activities. They also spend time learning about numbers and applying them in practical situations. There are role play opportunities, dancing, singing and creative times where paint and glue abound!!!


Outside of Rockets is our lovely kitchen garden where the children grow their own fruit and vegetables. We encourage the children to spend time with Rachel our gardener who works with the children to sort potato’s into large and small groups and grow sun-flowers and then measure how tall they are, the children roll up their sleeves in the garden and get their hands dirty, pulling up carrots and harvesting other vegetables to go home for dinner or that are used in our kitchen. Most of the Rockets take part in our trips to swimming lessons, gym and trampolining and even tennis in the Summer. We offer an online journal for all parents to see photos and observations of what their children have been up-to during the day, its simple to use, private and secure so, if you are a parent of a Rocket see how they have enjoyed their day, here >>


Dates for the Diary

JUNE 2020

Tuesday 30th June – Fraser Portraits

JULY 2020

Wednesday 1st July– Fraser Portraits

November 2020

Monday 23rd November – Fraser Portraits
Tuesday 24th November – Fraser Portraits

How to Apply

If your little one is between 36 – 60 months, you can apply for Rockets today by calling 01202 741437 or by filling in our online form on the Contact Us Page >>

Rocket’s Behaviour Plan

Traffic lights:

The idea of this strategy is to give children three verbal and visual warnings, which gives them the opportunity to think about their behaviour and the choice to improve it.

To Read more about this please click here >>

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