SUPERSTARS @ Ocean – Jan 2020

Happy New year everyone! The Super Stars have returned full of lovely story's about their holidays and came up with fantastic activity ideas. The Super Stars have been enjoying lots of different activities in January.

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ROCKETS – January 2020

Rockets have kicked off the new year with ‘around the world’. We have been to many, many countries this month. We started with an activity with Richard where we needed to pack our suitcase ready for our travels! We packed lots of essential items such as sun cream, swim shorts, sun glasses and most importantly a passport! We also made our very own Leaning Tower of Pisa with toilet rolls.

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BIG COMETS – January 2020

Wow! We cannot believe January is over! During January, the Big Comets have been exploring the topic "Winter Wonderland" as the children have shown lots of interest and have been commenting a lot about the weather changes. We have also welcomed back Jo Jingles classes! Lots of music, singing, dancing and instruments every Monday!

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LITTLE COMETS – January 2020

This month in Little Comets we have been looking at transport. For this we have been doing loads of different craft activities to make different kinds of transport. We first looked at trains for which we did a train collage. We each had a carriage for the train to decorate with different coloured tissue paper, then we put them all together on our display board.

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TWINKLES – January 2020

Happy New Year! This month we have been super busy learning all about families and the people in our families. We’ve been enjoying making lots of arts and crafts this month, we’ve done lots of colouring in sheets and we’ve made some beautiful family trees where each branch has the names of our family members on them.

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Rockets – December 2019

Merry Christmas everyone! December has been full of festive fun for the Rockets. We had our very own special advent calendar; we opened a book every day of the week. We often knew the stories really well and were able to finish the sentences ourselves! We had lots of fun decorating Rockets for Christmas; we put up the tree together each putting on a bauble and some tinsel and finished it off with some pretty lights! We made paper chains to hang up in the room too.

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Big Comets – December 2019

Wow! What a wonderful way to finish 2019! During December, Big Comets have been super busy with Christmas crafts including our special presents for our family. We have also loved decorating our room and our Christmas tree. We have made paper Christmas trees using colourful circles to decorate it, Christmas baubles with our fingerprints, stockings with Christmassy stickers, pine cones with glitter, reindeers with handprints, cards and of course, we have written our letter to Santa and read Christmas books.

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Little Comets – December 2019

This month in Little Comets we have been getting ready for Christmas! To get us in the festive spirit we have done a variety of Christmas themed activities and crafts. We have decorated a real Christmas tree with baubles and lights. We also decorated a paper Christmas tree for one of our display boards which we used different Christmas themed stickers, gold and silver paper cut into circles and cotton wool to be our fake snow.

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Twinkles – December 2019

It’s December, so that means we have been doing lots of Christmas activities in Twinkles! We’ve been getting very messy with a lot of different craft activities. We have made snowflakes out of painted lollipop sticks, Christmas wreaths from paper plates, colouring and painting lots of Christmas pictures!

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ROCKETS – October 2019

October has been a fantastic month for the Rockets. We have been looking at the topic of ‘Weather’. We have done lots of lovely activities with our adults, such as making it rain in a cup with Richard; we filled a clear cup with water and gently squirted some shaving foam on the top, we chose a colour and with a pipette we gently dropped dots of food colouring onto the cloud (shaving foam) and waited. All of sudden the food colouring came through the cloud and it looked like rain, it was so fascinating!

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