We have had an exciting month in Big comets exploring and learning about our new topic oceans and expanding on the interests and ideas of the children. First we visited under the sea and we really enjoyed turning our role play area into our very own ocenarium by adding the sea creatures and creating lots of crafts such as octopus and puffer fish using paint and forks. We also enjoyed measuring and mixing to make our own star fish biscuits which we then enjoyed decorating with icing and edible eyes.

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This month our topic in Little Comets has been around the world. We have done a lot of activities to explore different parts of the world. We split up our activities into the continents, so we could learn a little bit more!

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This month the Rockets have been going ‘All around the world’ and what fun it’s been! First off, we spoke all about the countries we had been to on holiday and what we saw there; and also where we hope to visit one day! We have looked at the 7 continents of the world and the many different flags. With Kristina we made our own Earth by using glue and coloured sand, green for the land and blue for the sea. We listened to all types of music; Greek, Egyptian, African, Hawaiian, Scottish to name a few! We also had a go at the Greek dance Syrtos!

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August was very busy in Twinkles! Our main topic was “Music” so we have been listening to, and learning all about Music. We did a lot of musical notes to decorate our hallway and we have been decorating lots of musical instruments. We had the opportunity to listen to songs in different languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese.

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It's that sad Time of year again when we have to say goodbye to our lovely year 6 children . We would like to wish them all the luck and every success as they venture onto their next journey.

It's also a very sad time as we say goodbye to our favourite play leaders , Jan and Fatima. They will be missed by both children and other staff. Again we wish them well in their future, please keep in touch.

So that leads us on to wish you all an amazing summer holiday, stay safe , make plenty of memories and enjoy.

Looking forward to hearing all your stories when we come back!


This month has been full of fun, laughter and some tears for the Ocean Super Stars. We have really enjoyed our last month together before we say goodbye to the year 6's. The children of Superstars came up with some fabulous activities to do!

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July’s topic in Rockets has been Science and the Rockets have seen so many amazing things! We have done a number of exciting experiments such as dropping Mentos into a bottle of Coke and watching it fizz above us!

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We have been exploring different countries with our topic ‘Let’s Go around the World’; with lots of fun art work. First we visited Africa. We made salt globes and African houses. We continued our journey to Asia where we learnt what Chinese ladies wore by dressing up in a kimono. We created the Chinese and Indian flags using paint, our hand prints and shaped cutters.

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This month in Little Comets we have been exploring ‘Nature’. We have had endless fun learning about; insects, leaves and Independence Day. We have had so many opportunities to make different insects, from multi-coloured butterfly cakes which were really fun as we got to taste them when they were all cooked, to making nature crowns using a selection of heuristic resources from the garden, including; twigs and leaves.

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This month the Twinkles have been so busy and active! Our main topic was “Transport”. We have been learning all about it. We have made a lovely window display to learn about where we can use different transport. Now we know some travel in the sky, some on and under the water and some on roads and rails.

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