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February 2020 – As many of you will have seen, the building works are coming along quickly. Although work has been moving along, unfortunately the builders will not be meeting their original completion date of 7th February due to a few issues mainly surrounding the main front door and the soakaway for drainage. We are hoping that we will have full access to the new building by 2nd March but we will keep you updated on this and obviously let you know as soon as we have final dates. Read the full newsletter here >>

January 2020 – Happy New Year to all of our Little Stars families. It has been lovely to see you all back after the Christmas break. As many of you have seen, the builders have been working hard over the break and are on track to be completed by mid-February. Read the full newsletter here >>

December 2019 – We would like to wish all of our fantastic Little Stars families a wonderful Christmas. You and your children make this nursery fabulous. Read the full newsletter here >>

November 2019 – Please continue to follow our Facebook pages for updates on what the children have been up to in each room. A huge thank you to all the grandparents in Big Comets and Rockets rooms who were invited in to read a story or simply come for a play. It was lovely to see you all and the children’s faces when you arrived was priceless! Read the full newsletter here >>

October 2019 – Well, it definitely feels like Autumn is upon us with a cold snap in the mornings! Many of the rooms are celebrating Autumn and looking at all the lovely colours that it brings. Read full newsletter here >>

September 2019 – In August we had a very quiet month as many children were on holiday and many Rockets left us to start school. Our Rockets children went to visit our friends at Pennant House, the residential home over the road. The residents played some games with them and set them a challenge to learn all the words to ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’. Many of the children in nursery were very excited about Bournemouth Air Festival and some planes even flew over the nursery on Thursday and Friday. Read the full newsletter here >>

August 2019 – In July we celebrated the Rocket’s graduation when we started to say goodbye to our lovely Rockets. We had a ceremony and little party at Baden Powell school with all the parents invited. We had a special video of what the children would like to be when they grow up. We had lots of mummies, teachers, police officers, a marriage proposal and even a dinosaur! If you have not signed for permission for the video to be shared, please do this with Rocket’s staff and then we can get it sent out to you.  Read the full newsletter here 

July 2019 – At the beginning of June we took part in the ‘Pyjamarama’ fundraiser for the Book Trust. Both the children and adults joined in, wearing their PJ’s and onsies, raising money to provide more children with a bedtime story. During this event we had lots of fun using activity sheets, eating cake, as well as getting our faces painted; from dinosaurs to Spiderman, it was a good laugh! Read the full newsletter here >>

June 2019 – During May we attempted to make use of some nice weather although it seems to have disappeared again! We have also taken on a new member of staff called Shannon. Shannon is a Nursery Assistant and will be working in all parts of the nursery but is currently helping out our busy Rockets. Read the full newsletter here >>

May 2019 – During April we celebrated Easter. Thank you to all parents and children who made so much effort with their Easter baskets. We were really impressed with them all and also a huge thank you for all those who voted on their favourite! The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from a Police Officer, a Dentist and a Dance Teacher to Little Comets, so a huge thank you to those parents for coming in. Read the full newsletter here >>

April 2019 – March was another busy month with lots going on. We have welcomed a new member of staff, Sammy, to Nursery. She has moved to Poole and we are looking forward to working with her. Thank you so much to the parents who visited for our Mother’s Day teas and brunches, and we hope you enjoyed our delicious food and activities! Read the full newsletter here >>

March 2019 –  Another busy month with lots going on and some staff changes. We have said goodbye to Karen for her to start her new role at Sculptures by the Lake, she will be missed and we wish her all the very best. Cleo, Laura and Mary will be continuing to lead the Nursery and please pop and see us with any of your queries. Read the full newsletter here >>

February 2019 – What a busy month we have had, just as the children (and staff) have been recovering from the Christmas excitement, January ended on snowy fun! Lots of snowmen and snowballs were being built, science experiments being conducted and puddles being jumped in. Read the full newsletter here >>

January 2019 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope that you have all had an amazing Christmas and are now ready for the start of, hopefully, a fantastic year. Read the full newsletter here >>

December 2018 – Firstly, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that contributed to our Children in Needs events, everyone was so generous…….to date we have collected nearly £300 and there is still more to come in, which is amazing!!!! Read the full newsletter here >>

November 2018 – Sooo the clocks have gone back, the days are getting shorter, and most definitely there is a chill in the air!! However, it’s not all doom and gloom at Little Stars. The children have been having lots of fun in preparation for Halloween, and at the party on Wednesday were some of the most gorgeous looking ghouls, witches and ghosties you could ever see!! Read the full newsletter here >>

October 2018 – The children have been enjoying the last few, warm and sunny days of the Summer, being in the garden – either digging and planting, running and jumping or making some fantastic tunes on the garden “instrument walls” that some of the rooms have been building. Read the full newsletter here >>

September 2018 – We hope that everyone has had a fab summer and for those of you with older children, that “back to school” wasn’t too stressful. Read the full newsletter here >>

August 2018 – Hope everyone is enjoying all this gorgeous sunshine, although it’s become a little cooler at present, fingers crossed Summer is still here! Hopefully, anyone that has been on holiday had a great time, and anyone who is still looking forward to their break will enjoy every sandcastle, bucket & spade and ice-cream cone of it. Read the full newsletter here >>

July 2018 – What a glorious month June was with all of that sunshine, and more to follow if all of the promises can be believed. It has meant that the children have been enjoying lots of fun in the garden, especially Big Comets. Read the full newsletter here >>

June 2018 – Well there went May, and what a beautifully warm, sunny month it was on the whole. Two Bank holidays, a Royal Wedding all in glorious sunshine! Read the full newsletter here >>

May 2018 – April has been the perfect month for the children to explore the topic of ‘weather’! We have experienced everything from beautiful sunshine to thunder storms. The children have made lovely weather themed crafts. We would like to thank those who participated in the Maths Olympics in Rockets! Read the full newsletter here >>

April 2018 – Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who contributed and participated in Sports Relief this year. The children had a lovely time popping (122!!) balloons, dressing up in red, doing sack races, baking cakes and lots of other things! Read the full newsletter here >>

March 2018 – Well March well and truly “roared in like a lion” with all of last week’s snow and disruption. Thank you to all of you that managed to get in earlier on Thursday to collect your children, allowing us to get most of the staff home earlier and safely. We appreciate that it wasn’t an easy journey for anyone! Read the full newsletter here >>

February 2018 – Well, there went January!!! Hopefully, it was a good month for everyone. The children have all settled back in after the Christmas break, and have been getting up to some exciting activities. All the rooms have been focusing on songs, poems and nursey rhymes, as this is such a great way to build on language and communication skills. Read more news here >>

January 2018 – We have started the New Year with some new faces, Candice has joined the team in Little Comets and comes to us with experience, fun and enthusiasm from another local setting. Becky has joined the Rockets team and comes, also, with experience, fun and enthusiasm from her last position working on cruise ships! Read the whole newsletter here >>

December 2017 – The children are all beginning to get excited about Christmas, and so are us adults really….that special sort of magic that you can only get from being around young children is amazing, and we all have great fun!! The Christmas songs have been ringing out for months as the children from Rockets have been practicing for the nativity, but now the rest of the children are adding their favourites to the mix…. read full newsletter here >>

November 2017 – We have had a busy few weeks at the nursery, celebrating Diwali and Halloween. With lots of amazing outfits for the Halloween party……a selection of the most gorgeous pumpkins, ghosts, witches and spiders webs!! Thank you so much for all of your efforts, we know it’s not easy getting faces painted and hair coloured that early in the mornings everyone had such a lovely time though, it really was worth it.  Read full newsletter here >>

October 2017 – 
We have some “hellos” to new staff this month, there is our new Deputy-Supervisor, in Rockets, Mark. He comes to us with a wealth of experience, not only as a practitioner but from the realms of management too…. read full newsletter here >>

September 2017 –
It has been a sad few weeks here at Little Stars saying goodbye to our Rockets who have left for ‘Big’ School. We are very happy to welcome a lot of new faces to Little Stars though…..we have new Twinkles, Little Comets, Big Comets and Rockets joining us to begin their journey… full newsletter here >>

August 2017 – 
It is a little quieter here at Little Stars at the moment, some of the Rockets have already left, and lots of other children around the setting seem to be off on some lovely holidays! Those of us that are left behind are having lots of fun, even outside, when the weather lets us…. read full newsletter here >>

July 2017 –
Well where did June go?!! What a busy month, here at Little Stars. We have been enjoying the glorious weather, wrapping up against the wet, wintery weather but always having lots of fun…. read the full newsletter here >>

June 2017
The children have been busy talking about Spring and doing lots of exciting activities, you may well have noticed all the amazing Bean Stalks that Rockets have been growing, that are on display in the main hallway. As yet, no sight of Jack, or more importantly any marauding giants…phew!! read the full newsletter here >>

May 2017 –
The children have been busy learning about Spring. Lots of flowery crafts, and Easter bonnets have been on display in the main hallway… read the full newsletter here >>

April 2017 – 
Hope everyone is enjoying all the beautiful Spring sunshine? The children definitely seem to be, with lots of outside activities going on. There has been den building, Space Rocket racing, and lots more…. read the full newsletter here >>

March 2017 –
Another month gone and definitely a hint of Spring in the air, as the days are getting a little longer, and a few more blue skies around. We are looking forward to a busy month this month with Sports Day to practice for…. read the full newsletter here >>

February 2017 –
Another month gone and definitely a hint of Spring in the air, as the days are getting a little longer, and a few more blue skies around. We are looking forward to a busy month this month with Sports Day to practice for, St David’s and Patricks days to celebrate and learn about and Mothers Day to make something special for……there’s also Red Nose Day to think about too….busy,busy,busy!! Read the full newsletter here >>

January 2017 –
Here we are into another month already! The children have been very busy celebrating Chinese New Year, with lots of tasty Chinese food to try. Dragon masks were made and red and gold was the order of the day. Everyone seemed to really enjoy learning about China and all the traditions surrounding the festival. Read the full newsletter here>>

December 2016 –

It really is that time of year; no doubt the children have already started to remind you….and over the next few weeks, we will be doing nothing to help with keeping them any calmer, sorry. Read the full newsletter here >>

November 2016 –
November already…….and the children are still enjoying fun learning around the Autumn topic. Lots of leaf based activities – counting, textures, colour and shape conversations as well as printing and sticking with them. Read all about November at Little Stars here >>

October 2016 –
Little Stars have all been enjoying the last of the late summer sunshine with lots of fun outdoors. With our topic of ‘sound’ there have been some brilliant ‘bands’ using really creative and imaginative instruments – amazing what they can do with saucepan lids, a bottle and some rice! Read the full newsletter here >>

September 2016 –
We hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful, late, summer sunshine. The children have all been out in the gardens and also exploring our WATER topic. We have been washing dollies, bathing babies, floating and sinking (toys not children), making giant bubbles, making filtration systems and discussing world water day.  Read the full newsletter here >>

August 2016 –
Little Stars life has been a little quieter this month, with lots of you off enjoying holidays and days out in the (sometimes) sunshine. Please remember to send a postcard, if you’re able, whilst away on holidays, the children love to hear what each other are up to and it can start amazing conversations about other places in the world or just around the corner! Read the full newsletter here >>

June 2016 –
The start of another month, it’s beginning to feel a little bit more like summer just lately. The children have been enjoying loads of garden activities, sand and water play, planting and weeding with Rachel the gardener and the great excitement of watching caterpillars, slowly, transforming into butterflies…ask them to show you the butterfly nets where Painted Lady caterpillars are doing their thing! Each of the rooms have been doing lots of activities based around life cycles – Hungry Caterpillar stories, symmetry patterns, butterfly dances, the list goes on. Read the full Newsletter here >>

May 2016 –
Hopefully, everyone has enjoyed the first Bank Holiday weekend of the month? With luck we can start looking forward to some warmer days and sunshine! We’ve had lots of fun going on at the nursery over the last few weeks. As the weather has been drier, if not warmer, the children have been outside as much as possible. Rachel, the gardener has been busy preparing and planting in Big Comets and Rockets gardens. The children love to get involved and help with planting, watering and the odd, unexpected, mini beast hunt when all work stops, in search of a magnifying glass!! Read the full Newsletter here >>

April 2016 –
In nursery news this month, we would firstly like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported the Sport’s Day that we held on a very cold, but thankfully dry, Saturday last month. With everyone’s generous support we raised £467…..Read the full April Newsletter here >>

March 2016 –
Well it’s nearly Spring……longer, warmer days to look forward to. The children will soon be starting the planting in the gardens with Rachel, mini beast hunts won’t require wellie’s and warm coats and our Easter celebrations will all be in sparkling sunshine…..well we all live in hope anyway! Download this months newsletter here >>

February 2016 –
SAVE THE DATE NOTICE……We will be holding our annual Sports Day on Saturday March 19th, at Baden Powell School. This year we would like to make it a whole nursery event, so please put the date in your diaries and more details will follow later.
Download the full newsletter here >>

January 2016
We hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Here we are at the start of another exciting year at Little Stars. As a setting we are very excited to begin our work to become Ofsted “outstanding” with new teams of staff in place and lots of exciting activities, trips and events planned.
Download the full newsletter here >>

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