BIG COMETS – August 2016

We have had an amazing time this month in Big Comets learning about Space and the Olympics. We first learnt about the planets and the stars. We made our very own Big Comets galaxy and planets to hang in our room.

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ROCKETS – July 2016

The Rockets garden has been very productive this month. We have grown giant size courgettes, delicious potatoes and sweet juicy peas. We have eaten some beautiful red strawberries for our snack that were still warm from the sunshine. Yummy!

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BIG COMETS – July 2016

This month Big Comets decided to continue the topic of Animals and Nature as they were enjoying it so much. One of our children decided they would like to make a Pet Shop so all the Big Comet children got together and made a sign before choosing what pets we would sell and how much for. It was a big success!

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This month in little comets we have been working on the topic of space, as some of our friends have been interested in out new book called "the first hippopotamus on the moon". We have done lots of activities to link with space both indoors and outdoors. We made some earth pictures, after looking at the plant in the space book, using blue felt and green shaving foam paint. We made rocket pictures using our feet and glittery paint.

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TWINKLES – July 2016

This month in Twinkles we have been very colourful and musical! We've used the balls and parachute to play some new games. We put the balls in the middle, swish the parachute around and watch the balls on top fly around the room! It's so much fun!

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Carry on camping…

Carry on camping. So the weekend saw the inaugural Little Stars Camping Trip at East Creech Farm. It was Brilliant!!!!.......The weather held out, the Little Stars community Spirit was buzzing, the BBQ’s were sizziling and it was a great afternoon and evening of fun, games, quiz’s, treasure hunts, food and laughter. Thank you to the families that came, we couldn’t of done it without you!


This month in Big Comets we have enjoyed learning about people who help us. The children have been dressing up as firemen, policemen, vets and nurses. We even used junk modelling to make our very own fire engine which we then used to put out many fires. The children have also been excited to be superheroes! We have been making secret dens and showing off our superpowers. We loved making capes and flying around Big Comets. We cannot wait for our Superhero dress up day on Thursday 2nd June! The outdoors has continued to be an area the children have favoured. We have been making different things together to make our garden look amazing! We have learnt lots of different skills from weaving to making sun catchers. We are very excited to continue our people who help us topic in June!

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Chatterbox club supports small groups of children with their speech and language. Each session starts with a regular singing time which builds children’s confidence to join in. This is followed by a short structured session involving language based games and activities. Bing, the TV character, also comes to Chatterbox Club and the children get to take him home.

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This month we have been working on our physical skills. we have been doing this by getting the mats out and doing roly poly's. Kelly first showed us how to start and then we lifted our bottoms up and Kelly helped us over to roll.

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After growing cress last month,  we chose to continue looking at growth and change. We decided we would take a look at the life cycle of the butterfly! We brought some caterpillars and we were very excited! We couldn't stop looking at the them! We done lots of arts and crafts, making our own caterpillars and butterflies. As the time went on our caterpillars grew and became beautiful Butterflies! What an exciting month!

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