Superstars @ Teach Jan 2019

After an exciting Christmas break, the TEACH Superstars have wasted no time in getting back to our creative and sporting activities. We have been keeping fit with endless games of football, tennis and dodgeball. As the cold, dark nights draw in we have enjoyed them by watching a film with a nice cup of hot chocolate, plonked on beanbags with fluffy blankets as we sit back and chill, whilst the world passes by, waiting in anticipation for the snow to arrive!!

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Superstars @ Baden Powell Jan 2019

What a start to the year for Superstars at Baden Powell school! During breakfast club we have had some amazing arts and crafts from some of the children from presents for their teachers, to pictures of their families to take home. We have had a great time being very active all morning with ‘Galaxy Tag’ which has rapidly become a club favourite and a lot of the children have been involved in making new rules to change the game or thinking up another way to make it more interesting, from only playing with one arm to adding more balls, and even playing in silence!

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ROCKETS – Jan 2019

Well... What an amazing start to the year! January was such a busy month and we have been exploring ‘Winter’ as our new topic! We had lots of winter crafts from woolly hat decorations, a snowman’s writing activity, chalk winter pictures, mixing colours, experiments with water to turn into ice, bicarbonate of soda and water experiment, winter I spy, garden igloo construction and igloo messy play!

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BIG COMETS – Jan 2019

So we have reached the end of January and what a month it’s been in the Big Comets room! We’ve had fun exploring our topic 'All About Me'. We kicked off by having a group circle time and talking about all of our favourites things, such as our favourite places; who do we go with and what do we do there. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring our favourite toys and activities at nursery, and lots of us said our favourite food was cake! To celebrate our love of cake we made chocolate brownies and cookies, these were so yummy!!

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This month our topic in Little Comets has been ‘All About Me’. For this we have done different self-portraits of ourselves on paper and on a biscuit with icing! We also did some fingerprints and a family tree using our hands as the tree and the tree trunk, and then the leaves were little hearts with the names of the people in our family on them.

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TWINKLES – Jan 2019

The Twinkles have been very busy using our skills this month! Our topic is cold and ice. The Twinkles have had an interest in dancing, bubbles and filling bags, focusing on fine and gross motor skills, balancing, sensory and movement. We had a new toy to explore – a dancing mat! The children followed the steps, showing off their dancing moves and copying the actions to the songs.

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Superstars @ TEACH

Well what an exhausting term this has been, the children are super excited for Christmas and looking forward to a lie in at the weekend! The Superstars have kept ourselves busy by making copious amounts of glittery Christmas decorations, yummy cakes and keeping fit with our new favourite. ball!...

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Superstars @ Ocean Dec 18

This month the Ocean Superstars have been full of festive cheer with some amazing Christmas activities! We have been putting our Christmas skills to great use by decorating the room. The children have been creating amazing craft paper chains, Christmas tree decorations , Christmas paper plates , Christmas cards, Christmas party hats and lots more.

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Father Christmas

During the week of 17th December, Father Christmas made a pit stop at Little Stars for some light refreshments, and of course to visit the children. He had heard that the children had been SO well behaved that he just had to fit them in to his busy schedule before the big day! He even bought some presents for everyone! The children asked him questions about his sleigh, what presents they might get, and if he had received the letters they had written to him. The children were very polite and Father Christmas said that he will try and come back again next year!

ROCKETS – December 2018

This month topic was “Christmas” and we had lots to do to make we were ready in time, we firstly decorated the tree( to help our motor skills, both Fine and gross) in  the hall-way, we made candy canes by sticking cotton wool onto red card calendars to help with our numbers, we decorated some pine cones to make to make them look all Christmassy  for the centre of the table on the big day, we also made Christmas stained glass windows, Christmas  Cards for friends and family as well. We also had lots of different Christmas stories, we spoke about Father Christmas and he means and what Christmas means to us.

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