This month the Rockets have been going ‘All around the world’ and what fun it’s been! First off, we spoke all about the countries we had been to on holiday and what we saw there; and also where we hope to visit one day! We have looked at the 7 continents of the world and the many different flags. With Kristina we made our own Earth by using glue and coloured sand, green for the land and blue for the sea. We listened to all types of music; Greek, Egyptian, African, Hawaiian, Scottish to name a few! We also had a go at the Greek dance Syrtos!

With Abi we made postcards, boomerangs and passports. The boomerangs were really exciting; we used our fingers to paint them! Abi was kind enough to make us a tepee out in the garden so we could be Native Americans! Another activity we really enjoyed with Abi was making African rain shakers. We used toilet rolls and filled them with rice and popping corn, and covered them in animal prints!

Richard made us look like the Moari’s from New Zealand! He painted our arms and we looked just like Maui from Moana! We also played ‘Around the World’ with Richard; he printed off four landmarks and placed them around the garden. Abi bought in pictures from her holiday in New York with Kristina and we really enjoyed looking at the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Centre and the World Trade Centre (and also a few funny ones)! With Becky we have been to Italy and made our own pizzas and we have been to Ireland and made our own Irish flag and Shamrock!

We had two very special visitors come to nursery this month. The first being Lorna (Jaspers Mummy), she was very kind and came to read us a couple of stories in her funny story telling hat! The second visitor was James, (Joshua’s Daddy) who is from Sweden! He came to tell us all about Sweden and how Swedish people lived, and also all about the Vikings!

We would like to say a big well done to the children who have received their 10th stamp certificates this month; Gracie, Alex C, Harrison and Izzy! Also a big high five to Rhiannon for her Handwriting award, Harrison for his Maths award and Jack K for Star of the Week! We are sadly saying goodbye to lots of Rockets this month before they go off to school, good luck to all of you, you will be missed!

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