In February the Rockets have looked at two topics. For the first two weeks we looked at feelings and emotions. The Rockets really enjoyed this topic as we got to talk about all our different emotions, things that make us happy, sad, excited, cross etc. We played feelings bingo, we categorised friendly and unfriendly actions and how these make us feel and we drew our emotions onto blank faces to express how we were feeling that day!

The second topic we looked at was The 5 Senses! We have had so much fun with this one! We have explored taste by trying different foods such as lime jelly, lemon, vinegar; these were very sour! With Richard we explored smell; he made many different cups covered in tin foil so we couldn’t see what was inside and we had to guess the item by the smell! There was garlic, cumin powder, coconut conditioner, hay, coffee, hair gel, cocoa powder. We really enjoyed this activity! We played a game exploring sound where we had to listen to various sounds with our eyes closed and be the first to guess what they were! We explored touch by feeling various items inside a box and seeing if we could figure out what they were; we have been so busy! Lastly, we explored sight by looking all around us and observing what we could see in the classrooms and in the gardens.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by making handprints for our Mummy’s and Daddy’s with a special poem on. We made pictures for our friends and told them why we loved them and we made love heart biscuits too! We also enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day; we read Mr Wolf’s Pancakes and we enjoyed some yummy pancakes after tea – we had a choice of chocolate sprinkles, chocolate sauce and syrup!

We have worked super hard this month and lots of us have achieved our 10 stamps! Well done to Nathan H, Harley, Olivia, Nate, Laura and Ivy!

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