ROCKETS – January 2020

Rockets have kicked off the new year with ‘around the world’. We have been to many, many countries this month. We started with an activity with Richard where we needed to pack our suitcase ready for our travels! We packed lots of essential items such as sun cream, swim shorts, sun glasses and most importantly a passport! We also made our very own Leaning Tower of Pisa with toilet rolls.

With Kristina we looked at the designs of the flags from all over the world. We got to colour in our flags, making sure we put the correct colours in the correct places. We looked at lots of interesting flags such as Fiji, Gambia, Cape Verde and many more that we had never heard of!

Abi really treated us and she bought in her very own skis for us to try on! We spoke about different countries that are really cold and have lots and lots of snow. Some of us have already been skiing in Switzerland and France! We tried on the equipment; the ski boots, the ski trousers (salopettes), the helmet and goggles and we were clipped into the skis! We held on to the poles and pretended we were skiing!

We really enjoyed a food tasting session too! Kristina got us lots of different foods from all over the world for us to try. There was Belgian chocolate, German cheese, French croissants, Italian breadsticks, Chinese prawn crackers, Jamaican ginger cake, American pretzels and also pomegranate and Persimmon fruit. We were all happy to try the foods and we gave thumbs up/thumbs down to the ones we liked and didn’t like. We washed it all down with some Lychee juice!

Ellie’s mummy, Melissa, came to visit us too as she is from America. She taught us all about the American animals such as possums, cardinals, the bald eagle and elks. We also learnt the different words they use in America such as diaper for nappies, barrettes for hair clips, sidewalk for pavement and many more. She was super kind and made us some American food to try; Zucchini cake and American chocolate chip cookies! We also got to try Graham crackers. It was so much fun!

We are also really looking forward to a visit from Ares’ mum next week to tell us all about Greece!

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