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We vary our menus depending on the season and we cram our meals full with as many vegetables as possible - but we do hide these well so little eyes do not always know how much veg they are actually eating.


Super Stars @ Baden Powell

This club is based in Maidment Hall. A space, where children can move about freely and it’s got a great floor for skate boarding too! The Baden Powell Superstars team have been carefully selected to maximise learning and ensure that the children are given independence to select activities, coach each other and thrive in a safe environment. All staff are qualified and skilled at meeting the needs of the children that attend.

Breakfast club runs from 7.45am – 8.45am. The children can select from porridge, cereal, toast and crumpets, fresh fruit is always available. Meal times are a social occasion where good table manners are encouraged.

The cost of our Breakfast Club session is £6 per session.

After school club runs from 3.20 – 6.00pm. The children are collected from classes or older children make their own way to the hall, they then have structured free play from 3.20-4.30. Where the children have free choice of either indoor or outdoor activities – sports, creative, craft, computers etc.

We sit down for our hot tea at 4.30pm the menu is amazing with healthy nutritious meals and a dessert too.

The cost of our After school session is £13.50 per session.

For bookings or changes in sessions please contact our main office on: 01202 741437.

Please be aware that Baden Powell Superstars is still up and running till the end of the Summer Term 2019, however, from September, Baden Powell will be running their own breakfast and afterschool provision.

If you have any questions about wrap around care from September 2019, please contact the Baden Powell School office directly.

Thank you for your continued support, we wish Baden Powell every success on providing you with your future wrap around care provision.

To contact the club directly to advise on non attendance, changing times of collection or a different person picking up. You can call contact the club directly on their mobile phone: 07754 009780. The phone will be on between club opening hours or you can leave a message.

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Positive Behaviour Management System:

Superstars have implemented a new Behaviour Management System which we hope will foster teamwork within the children at Superstars. During the first half of the Autumn Term the children split themselves into 5 teams of their own choice to work together and show who are the true ‘Superstars’!

The five teams are:

Green Geckos
White Penguins
Pink Flamingos
Red Pandas
Orange Orangutans

There are approximately 20 children in each group with a mixture of different friendship groups and year groups, however a variety of children attend on different days throughout the week meaning between 5-10 members of each team will be at each individual Superstars session.

‘Points’ earnt by each of the individual groups are shown through correspondingly coloured ping pong balls stored in jars for each team, which the children helped decorate to help them feel involved in the new behaviour process. At the end of each term the team with the most ‘ping pong balls’/positive behaviour points will be given the chance to have an extra special treat or trip of their choice (within reason!!), such as bowling or going to watch a film at the cinema.

Any positive behaviour can lead to a team earning a ‘ping pong ball’, such as good teamwork and sharing, helping tidy up and generally standing out from the crowd. To avoid a number of children not participating positively and still benefiting from the reward at the end of the term, there is also the possibility that ping pong balls will be removed from teams for bad behaviour; such as breaking any of the ‘Golden Rules’ shown on the Superstars door in the Maidment Hall.

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