We’ve been super busy this month in Twinkles, we’ve been learning all about “animals”, what they look like, what they are and the sounds they make.

We’ve made some lovely animal hand prints, where Sammy showed us the animal and the sound they make. We’ve coloured in some wonderful colouring pages and made some big animal faces whilst we learn all about the sounds animals make and how each sound is different.

Then we had a special activity where we learnt how to milk a cow! We painted a cow and added some ripped up black tissue paper to make the cows spots and then Blanca filled a glove with milk and showed us how to pull it to get the milk out. We really enjoyed this activity and getting to be hands on.

We have also made some yummy animal toast and ate it for our snack, we used dark chocolate and cream cheese to act as a glue then we put strawberries, blueberries, banana and orange to make the shapes of fish, cats, owls, a monkey and a bear. They were super tasty!

Throughout this month we’ve been playing with some farm and animal themed sensory bins where the children could get to feel the straw animals eat and sleep on. We’ve also been making some lovely animal crafts; with some playdoh we made hedgehogs by rolling the playdoh into a ball and pushing some cut up straws into the playdoh.

We’ve also been learning about the animals in our room, our fish! We’ve been watching them and talking to them and making sure they are fed really well and that the water they live in is clean.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by making our mummies and daddies some beautiful presents. We used our hands and some brightly coloured paint to make a heart shape and stamped it on to some paper, then glued it on to a lollipop stick with a little poem on the back to give our parents a lovely surprise!

We’ve really enjoyed learning all about animals and the sounds they make, and we cannot wait for next month where we will learn all about “Colours”!

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